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Solo walks Ė 30 mins              £12
Solo walks are ideal for older dogs or dogs that donít socialize so well with others.

Group walks  - 60 mins           £10/ £8
Groups will range between 2 Ė 4 dogs. Through careful selection and planning we will ensure that all dogs in the group get on well with each other. Although in a group, your dog will be looked after closely and supervised at all times.

Puppy services                        £8*
Puppy visits are ideal for helping new puppies settle into a routine and also great for developing a bond and trust for later dog walking adventures. We will visit your puppy to offer fresh water, ensure food is topped up, clean up any accidents and allow a toilet break into the garden.

Dog running services - 30 min run     £15
Dog running is ideal for larger breeds such as Huskies, German Shepherds, Labradors etc. Being a marathon runner myself I truly believe in the benefits of running for both humans and dogs! I will ease dogs into running, starting with shorter spells building up to the entire 30 minutes session including a five minute warm up, 20 minutes of running and five minutes of cool down. Throughout the session I will monitor heart rate and vital stats.

Man's best friend is battling one of manís worst enemies -- obesity. A growing number of dogs weigh too much. Like people, overweight dogs are at risk for health problems, from arthritis to heart disease. 

Not all dogs are built to jog. Greyhounds, for example, are pros at short-distance sprinting, but can get tired during long-distance runs. To see a list of dogs that will generally thrive from regular running click here

Vet visit                                  Contact for price details
With every day life being so hectic and action packed some people can really struggle to find the time to take their dogs to vital vet appointments. We can collect your pet, take to the vet consultation and return home safe and sound.

Dog Boarding Services           £22 per day
Everybody loves going on holidays but sometimes it can be a difficult decision deciding on what to do with the family dog. We offer a loving, welcoming home for dogs to share with us and come their holidays whilst their owners are on theirs! During their stay they will have plenty of play, daily walks in the countryside and plenty of cuddles and love. We know how important peoples dogs are and can provide photo updates/ texts throughout their stay so that you have piece of mind that they are having just as good a time on holiday as you!
Dog boarding services can also be used for shorter stays of just one day, which are ideal for events such as weddings and overnight business trips.

Pet transportation                    Contact for price details        
We can offer national coverage whether you are moving home, having a relative look after your dog for a while or are needing to transport a new dog home!

*Discounts available for multiple dogs and booking exceeding 3 walks per week


Throughout any walk, activity and transportation, the safety and welfare of your dog will be absolutely paramount. To begin with, all dogs will be walked on their lead. Once a trusting relationship has been established and I have built up a strong enough relationship with your dog I will be happy to walk them off the lead if this is your preference.

In general, all dogs must be able to walk sensibly on a lead. I do not use flexi leads during group walks as these can be dangerous if tangled around another dog. I do not walk bitches in heat and it is recommended that adult dogs be neutered.

I am a qualified in canine first aider and carry first aid supplies with me on all LA Dog Walking trips.

I am covered by an insurance policy for Public Liability & Third Party Risks up to £2 million any one claim, including cover for pets in my care up to £5000. As a pet owner you should also maintain your own pet insurance.




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